20 small Mystery Snails (Pink/Yellow/Ivory) pomacea bridgesii

pomacea bridgesii
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Mystery Snails (pomacea bridgesii)(assorted colors)
    You are bidding on twenty (20) small Mystery snails (pomacea bridgesii) (small dime sized) of assorted colors. The numbers of each color are usually random but with a preponderance of the pink-striped and yellow as we have more of them. Shipping temperatures are not a problem as long as it is under 90F. See some movies of the daphnia below.
    Instructions are at our web site (see below). Pomacea bridgesii are a type of apple snail but this species does not eat live plants. Many apple snail species are prohibited from shipping across state lines but this species is not on the restricted list.
    The pictures of the are of the colors we sell . At this point in my ad copy I usually put in a line to tell you to look at the video(s) below as most fish don't stop to pose for me but this does not seem to affect these guys. Still photos seem to work just fine -- but I put some links in from YouTube (not our videos).

    Here are some links for more info and pics on the web.
    A link to a web page on Mystery Snails at PetFish.net

    A link to a web page on Mystery snails at Wikipedia
    We have a lot of these animals at the present time and can offer a discount on larger quantities.

Mystery snails
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Shipping Info
    We usually ship out on Monday and Tuesday. Shipping cost is usually 13.00, priority mail for up to 6 fish or 20 snails (medium flat-rate box) see actual auction info for each ad. Live arrival guaranteed only with Express mail, FedX next day or air cargo (Southwest). For non-alive-arrival claims a picture of the fish in the unopened bag within 72 hours is required (remember that the guarantee is for Express mail, FedX next day or air cargo only). None of the shipping companies has meaningful insurance -- only the shipping cost will be reimbursed on a successful claim -- if you try to push the issue the likely result will be that they will flag your destination area to not receive shipped animals.
    Most people want Priority Mail which is not guaranteed for live arrival or for a delivery time but is usually successful without heat packs when your local temperatures remain between 60F and 90F for 72 hours after the date we agree to mail them -- so pay attention to your local weather.
    We have heat packs for an additional $1.00 but only ask for them when the high temperature remains below 75F to avoid fish stew.
    We pack all non-labyrinth breathing fish with 100% oxygen above the clean/aged water. For any questions, to negotiate shipping, and other quantities or combinations, email Rhonda at rlmoormann@gmail.com
Mystery Snails
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More Information
    Be sure to look at the movie(s) below. Study the links above if you need to see more pictures and need more info on how to keep them. There are over 30 color varieties possible by mixing them due to differences in the foot color, shell color, shell transparancy, etc. I tell people that mystery snails are like the canary in the coal mine. By that I mean that the water quality will affect the snails before the fish in most cases (usually ammonia levels). My experience is that apple-type snails have some physical differences from other snails in general. First, they have non-hemoglobin-type blood (which is why what would normally be called an albino just looks orange since the eyes are not red). I suspect they don't carry reserve fat and seem to be like birds requiring feeding daily rather than in mass feedings every week or few days. They have a snorkel and air bag/lung/system and some type of gills but be aware that after a heavy feeding the snorkel to the surface seems required. For this reason, aggressive fish or other issues preventing the snails from surfacing their snorkels can result in dead snails. The snails are quite different from pest snails in that they have to be fully adult to lay eggs and they lay them above the water line where they can be easily removed. Hatching is not guaranteed as a high level of humidity is required to prevent the eggs/hatchling from dehydrating before full development.
    You can see Mystery Snails on YouTube at link(s)
    Mystery snails eating (note the live plants are intact)
    Mystery snail laying eggs (note the color -- apples lay pink eggs)
    Baby mystery snails (looks like a scating contest)
    All fish/snails/animals and live food are sold as is.
    See our web site at marinefreshtropical.com for more information including a large web file on eliminating pest snails which could help you to understand a little more about snails in general.
    On the Species page of the site is an Excel 2000 spreadsheet with more species of available fish.
    Air cargo is typically $70 for the first 100# -- about 3 large boxes -- fish and shipping must be pre-paid.
    We also have a jobber list of our fish at even lower prices but in larger quantities.
    We are mostly a hatchery and grow-out operation but we have access to a 30+ page list of fish we can order -- we recently had 200 bettas dropshipped to NY for a fund-raiser for example. Larger fish and larger quantities are available. We can ship airport to airport.